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High-performance greases:

Grease recommended for bearings, ball-bearings, columns and mechanical parts of industry.

SLIPPERY Grease Extra EP

Multifunctional grease with extreme pressure additives and PTFE microparticles. Increases the working life of mechanisms, reducing maintenance costs. Recommended for ball-bearings, bearings, columns and mechanical parts of industry.


Synthetic grease with graphite and PTFE. Recommended for overloaded and high-temperature ball-bearings, bearings and gear teeth. Suitable as anti-seize for nuts and bolts for screwed assemblies. Excellent performance at 230º C.


High-performance multifunctional grease with extreme pressure properties, with good thermal stability. Suitable for the lubrication of bearings and sliding ball-bearings subjected to heavy loads and medium-low speeds. Excellent performance in granulators. Available in several consistencies.
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