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Industrial aerosols:

Aerosol degreasing agents and lubricants, lubricants suitable for applying to any point which requires a high level of lubrication and degreasing agents which eliminate most dirt on any kind of surface.


Aerosol degreasing agent with high cleaning power based on rapidly-evaporating solvents

Dissolves and eliminates most dirt on any kind of surface.

Suitable for the cleaning of chains, guides, equipment, tools, etc. Does not contain chlorinated solvents.


Aerosol synthetic lubricant with a high PTFE content. Suitable for applying to any point which requires a high level of lubrication.

Great durability and adherence and high resistance to water. Prevents dry starts and reduces the stick-slip problem. Recommended for chains, displacement guides, vertical guides, etc.


Lubricant with colourless and non-toxic PTFE without silicones. Suitable as a high-penetration lubricant for chains, axle guides, bolts, etc.

The removing of plastics and rubbers from their moulds. Applicable as anti-projections in welding.


Long-lasting anti-corrosive product based on wax. Formulated with antioxidant additives. Suitable for the protection and conservation of any metallic part during its production, storage and transport.


Lubricant with PTFE for the food industry, bottling plants, the lubrication of rollers and chains, etc. Complies with the H1 regulation.
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